Manufacturers of Laboratory Glassware

BOROSIL® is India’s single largest manufacturer of a complete range of Volumetric Glassware. Borosil’s Volumetric products are used in all laboratories from high-end pharmaceutical production companies to high schools and colleges.

In Myanmar market, Borosil has appointed A J M Company Limited as their Authorized Distributor to serve the volumetric glassware needs of the various industries operating in Myanmar.

BOROSIL ensures that every Volumetric Glassware product is of the highest quality in the following parameters:

  1. Accuracy: BOROSIL performs the calibration process with fully automatic state-of-the-art calibration machines that eliminate any possibility of human error. This also ensures a high degree of repeatable measurements for all Borosil Volumetric products.
  2. Mechanical Strength: All Borosil laboratory glassware products are annealed in a special chamber wherein the stress as developed during the manufacturing process is eliminated with a controlled heating and cooling process. Moreover, Borosil’s production processes ensure uniform wall thickness across all products, thereby enhancing their mechanical strength.
  3. Thermal Shock Resistance: The annealing process further ensures that Borosil products are free of residual stress. The uniform wall thickness of Borosil products prevents damage owing to repeated heating and cooling in laboratories.
  4. Chemical Durability: All Borosil laboratory glassware products are manufactured using 3.3 low expansion ASTM E-438 Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass. This glassware, by nature, is resistant to attack from acids, salt solutions and organic solvents.

List of Available Products